"Good Time For Bad Girls" Out Now

Recorded in Nashville's "analog studio wonderland", The Bomb Shelter, Alabama Rose's debut EP, "Good Times For Bad Girls" is a raw and energetic collection of rock and roll songs. The six song EP, produced by Nashville's Jon Estes, is a testament to originality that tips a serious hat to the recording styles of yesterday-year. "We wanted to capture our sound as organically as possible. These songs are us playing our hearts out together in two or three takes. It wasn't about perfection, it was about being real, and that's what I think rock & roll is supposed to be about", says front woman Brittany Ayres, who adopted to moniker Alabama Rose some five years ago.

Mixing styles that range from jazz influenced latin grooves, fast-paced garage rock and even a soulful rock ballad, Alabama Rose's sound calls to mind such greats as Blondie, Led Zeppelin and Jerry Lee Lewis. The album's first track, "Buffalo", is a high-energy, frenzied race through surf riffs, vintage Farfisa and hyper-dynamic drum beats. Rose's vocals, recorded on a vintage 1970's SM57, are sharp and untamed, propelling the band's electric sound forward from beginning to end. 

It's clear that Alabama Rose are a group of well-versed musicians. "Good Intentions", the third track on the EP, is a dark, dramatic samba tune that features saturated vocals, twangy desperado guitar and ghostly three-part harmonies. Lyrically, the band creates a melodic story of gold-rush era bandits and unfortunate townsfolk that preaches a somber message. "Good Intentions often lead you no where...the song says it all", says Rose, "it's about good people falling into bad hands while chasing their dreams. You can have all the right things going for you, knowledge, ambition, talent, there's still gonna be bad people out there waiting to get what you've got. It's unfortunate, but you gotta keep your wits at times. This song is sort of a reminder of that...work hard and stay sharp."

Quickly garnering a reputation for their high-powered, outstanding live performances, Alabama Rose leave nothing on the table both in the studio and on stage. Their debut EP, which released on March 4, 2017, is available on Spotify, iTunes, in music stores and through the band's website, and will be followed up by their first LP next spring. Check out their upcoming tour dates and more at www.alabamaroseofficial.com By all accounts, this one band that does not disappoint.